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Welcome Zero and njherdfan!


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These two gems registered yesterday! Come by and tell us how you are doing boys! Zero we've been yearning for your opinion on life!


njherdfan, talk about a blast from the past!

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Franz Lindemann! Only the sweetest character on here, one of the original's if I recall or early S4 guy. He is a beaut!


Also, Cowboy I never got to say welcome back buddy! Good to have you on board!

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Hey Kendrick, thanks for the welcome back. Hoping to get back into the VHL.


I remember writing my first UTR article about Lindemann back in S2. I think he was an original but Zero retired him in like S3 or 4 because he was all passing (trying to make a playmaker) and in STHS it didn't rly work out for him.

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