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Osborne Contract Talks Stalled?


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Captain of Helsinki Still Unsigned


Helsinki, Finland

The captain and cornerstone of the powerhouse team out of Europe is still without a contract. Although talks stalled through the season between Ethan Osborne and the Helsinki Titans, many believed he would have gotten a deal done before playoffs. Many insiders still believe that the two sides are close to a two-year extension that will keep Osborne a Titan for the remainder of his career. There are a number of reports showing the interest Osborne has in staying a Titan for life.


The past few weeks have been very interesting. There have been rumors of a management change, and that a changing of the guard in Helsinki could be unfolding. While the Titans have been built with a strong core of Brody Hodgson, Ethan Osborne, Tuomas Tukio, and Anatoli Zhumbayev, there's many who believe that the next generation of Titans are ready to take over. Naomi Young, Willie Weber, and Odin Tordahl have left very positive impressions with upper management, and this has lead many to believe the Titans might be more prepared to start focusing on the future of the Titans.


Ethan Osborne is still very interested in being a part of the organization where he won a VHL Continental Cup last season, however at this time it wouldn't be surprising if he hit the market for the first time in his career. The probability of Osborne putting on a different jersey next season seems very improbable, but every day he goes unsigned, have potential FA buyers salivating at the opportunity.


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