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NA Semi-Finals, GM 7: Calgary vs. Quebec


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Kinda saw this coming, sadly.  Took me all night to rig the result I wanted, but I just couldn't do it.  Congrats, Quebec Poopte.


Game 1 of the finals will come in 4-5 hours.

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You need to sharpen your senses, so get in the closet and contemplate boobs.

We'll stay out here with your girlfriend, unrelated question, where do you keep all your lube?


Good series Calgary. This is a return to the finals for the Kyle curse and I'm really hoping to break it. A first time to the finals for Kellinger and I'm hoping he can do what Braxton never did.

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Though I predicted Quebec for the cup, still feel for Calgary. So many recent Game 7 disappointments.

If only there was a Chershenko-Wozniak team...


Yes if only you were the GM of the Dynamo with the ability to trade Chenko to Riga OH WAIT YOU WERE.

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