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Claimed:Breeding Ground: QMJHL Edition


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Breeding Ground: QMJHL Edition


Welcome back to the "Breeding Ground" series, which has been a success so far. Of course in the first two editions we ran ourselves from the wild Wild West to the central Canadian area. The WHL has produced a great number of prospects for the VHL and the OHL has matched them as well. The QMJHL isn't a league that shies away from developing its young player as well, and the VHL has taken notice. Over the past 35 seasons the VHL has been given a large number of "Q" prospects to work with. All three leagues have had their success and produced different styles of players. In this edition we look at the Far East's junior hockey league and whom they have groomed into the VHL players they are today.



Halifax Mooseheads


The Halifax Mooseheads have had a very good recent run of success. Halifax knows how to groom their players and allow them to develop the fundamentals needed at the pro ranks. In that past we saw the Mooseheads give the NHL players such as Nathan MacKinnon, Alex Tanguay and J.S. Giguere. All three of those former Mooseheads are currently playing for the Colorado Avalanche who used to be in the Quebec area. The VHL has been fortunate to also get their fair share of prospects from the Halifax Mooseheads franchise. Most recently Quebec City Meute forward Wesley Kellinger was a first overall pick from the Mooseheads into the VHL. Years ago we saw Tyler Toews and Edward Holm come from the Mooseheads system in the early stages of the VHL's existence.



Quebec Remparts


Years ago Patrick Roy was front and center at the Quebec facility and he was able to help groom some great players. The NHL was pleased when the Remparts gave them Simon Gagne, Mike Ribeiro and Marc-Edward Vlasic. Patrick Roy has since gone and become an NHL coach with the aforementioned Avalanche brass. If you are wondering what the Remparts gave the VHL you are in for a treat. Toronto Legion goaltender Remy Lebeau came from the Quebec junior franchise and has turned in a solid career with the Toronto Legion. Years ago we were given the joy of watching Fredrik Ernst develop under Patrick Roy and join our VHLM ranks from the Quebec Remparts.



Cape Breton Screaming Eagles


Cape Breton has a long history within their club of producing good talent and winners. Luke Adam, Marc-Andre Fleury and Ondrej Pavelec have all come from the Cape Breton franchise. It is safe to say that the Screaming Eagles have been blessed with solid players between the pipes for the past decade. That continued when Eggly Bagelface came along and performed well for the young Q team. Bagelface is now the man between the pipes in Vasteras and looking to build on a rocky career so far. In the early goings of the VHL we saw players such as Tyler Vassell, Markus Lidstrom and Maxim Desny all go through the Cape Breton system.



In a couple weeks we will extend our look into the various breeding grounds of players when we look at the United States Development League (USDL). Many former VHL and NHL all-stars have come through the American version of the CHL.

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Content: 3/3 - Interesting to see what the Canadian Junior league teams have produced for both the VHL and NHL. I'll be curious to see whether the American Junior teams produce more VHL talent than the Canadian Junior teams. I also think Mooseheads is a really awesome name for a hockey team.


Grammar: 2/2 - Couldn't find anything, nice job.


Appearance: 1/1 - Looks good.


Overall: 6/6

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Content: 3/3 - Another nice addition to the "Breeding Ground" series. I've enjoyed this series so far, but I'm excited for next weeks for the sole, selfish reason that I think I'll be in it. Just off of memory, while the Q may have gave us some great players, it seems like they've generated the least VHL players out of the CHL.


Grammar: 2/2 - Just one.


wild Wild West = wild wild west


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


Overall: 6/6


FINAL: 6/6

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