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Skylar Rift - The Playoff Goalie?


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The resident two face of the VHL Skylar Rift has had an excellent playoffs thus far in S35. Currently sitting with a 2-0 lead over the Helsinki Titans, and a strong case for Playoff MVP. However this is nothing out of the ordinary for Rift. While he has yet to turn in a Playoff MVP award yet, Rift has always excelled in the playoffs. While at times his numbers in individual seasons have dropped to average and below...Rift has won a lot of playoff hockey games in comparison to how many he has played...and overall has very solid playoff stats. Including the 9 games he has played this season Rifts overall playoff stats are as follows. 


Games Played - 46

Wins - 28

Losses - 14

OTL - 4

Shutouts - 1

Goals Against Average - 2.40

Save Percentage - 0.921


The numbers show that Rift is quite solid when it comes to goals against, although not elite considering the games he has played. However he is easily top 25 in league history in regards to save percentage overall in the playoffs. But the most telling statistic is the wins. Rift has won 60.86% of the playoffs game he has played. Probably the most interesting and ironic part of his playoff history. Rift was brought in to replace Benjamin Glover, Glover who played in tons of playoff games had a history collapsing in key playoff situations. Glover played in 72 playoff games and went 35-33-3. Including overtime losses Glover actually lost more playoff games than he won. Despite this, Glover had a glowing 0.920 save percentage and 2.37 goals against average in all playoff games. 


While there is merit to the fact that Rift has surrounded himself with quality teams throughout his career stats only tell some of that story. Glover himself had a plethora of Hall of Fame talent on his team in more than one season of playoff runs. Stats need to be translated into wins, and the key reason Rift has remained a goalie who excels in the playoffs is because when his team needs him to play good, he more than often does. Thus far Rift has played in the playoffs every single season of his VHL career, and that could be a trend that continues till he retires. Whether he will be able to maintain the consistent to great performances and a glowing win percentage throughout all the playoffs remains to be seen. But one thing is for certain, up until this point if you are entering the playoffs Skylar Rift is a goalie you can count on. 

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Wondering how my career could have looked with a decent team in front of me all my seasons. Really envy the situation you and Tukio are in.


I have faith that you will still win a Cup, whether it is with Toronto or not. I still always say during my Pajodcasts that while Rift, Tukio, Remy are the top three goalies that I think you are the best goalie. You constantly lead the league in goalie stats at more points during the seasons and should of won MVP last year had you guys made the playoffs. I didn't steal top stats for goalie away from you this year, the sim did. Nothing more than that imo. While I may win a Shaw for it, you are easily far more consistent overall than Tukio and I. 


The way I have seen it thus far, Rift is usually average in the regular season and has periods of playing good and bad. Tukio is generally excellent during the regular season. Tukio struggles more in the playoffs than Rift does, as Rift usually can bring up his play in the post season. You generally play far more consistent all the time than either of us. I mean with goalies...sadly, it all comes down to sim luck. Once you reach over a certain TPE...it's really all up to the sim. I mean Rift had more defensive support last season on Quebec in the playoffs but couldn't make the finals. Yet he has less this season and now look? Team around you is great, but...really all up to the sim. 

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