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Oslo On the Brink


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Oslo On the Brink



OSLO - Three games into the VHLM Finals, the Oslo Storm find themselves down three games to none. Additionally, three also represents the amount of goals the Storm have put up, while the Ottawa Lynx have seemingly scored at will. Unless the Oslo can suddenly storm their way to four straight wins, it all appears to be over, but don't tell that to the team themselves.


"Until the Lynx or ourselves get four wins, this series is not over," said Oslo's general manager, Thomas Landry. "Obviously it's going to be an extremely difficult road to take, but we're not going to stop fighting until this series is over, one way or the other."


Widely known to be accumulating pieces to make a run in Season 36, the Storm surprised everyone this season by making it all the way to the VHLM Finals after a lackluster Season 34. While the turnaround has been tremendous, it could come to a less-than-ideal ending at the hands of the Ottawa Lynx. The fact remains that, win or lose, the Storm could be heading into Season 36 with far more steam and momentum than anyone could have imagined.


Jethro Novacek has been a writer for the MSFL Times for long enough, thank you. He enjoys watching squirrels water ski, a good pear every now and then and trying to make himself believe it's not almost Christmas.

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