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Stuck on an Island


     Each member of the VHL has their own unique personality that mixes together to make the VHL a more entertaining show than any of the current terrible reality shows on television. There are people who can’t spell, create multiple players at once but never update them, DDoS websites, call themselves st*rling, POST EVERYTHING IN ALL CAPS, like to be a troll, and some people are pretty normal. Out of all these wonderful personalities, I asked various members of the VHL a very important question, “If you were stuck on an island and had to pick one member of the VHL to live with, who would you want to live with?” The following are the responses of randomly selected members of the VHL.




Victor -“Jardy because he would bring the alcohol and we would have a most enjoyable time until we die of starvation or a hangover.”


     Victor decided to take a different route, as most people picked someone they believed would best help them survive. Instead, Victor picked the option of enjoying his time on the island with the man most frequently seen in the VHL drunk/high thread posting some interesting stories.


Advantage – “I’d pick Knight because he's cool shit and is a crafty sir. He’s also a noble knight and a capable rock.”


     I forgot to write down who Advantage picked for this, but I think it was Knight. Anyway, Advantage decided to use an interpretive statement. Therefore, I will interpret this as meaning Knight is an amazing person because he plays for the Ottawa Lynx.


Sterling – “Probably Phil Knight. He seems like a nice guy who I could eat if I had to.”


     Another person has picked Knight because of how nice of a guy he is. However, Sterling showed off his odd taste in deciding to use Knight’s niceness to his advantage with the possibility of cannibalism. I doubt Sterling would be able to eat Knight though, as he could probably escape Captain Jack Sparrow style.




Kyle – “Probably Jardy because I would need someone who wouldn't get on my nerves for an extended period of time”


     Another person picks Jardy for supposedly being such a nice guy. You can’t be too sure about those farmers though. They might just talk a lot because they are happy to finally see someone after living in the middle of nowhere.


Kesler – “If I had to pick one VHL member it would be 701, I get along best with him so I wouldn’t have to worry about fighting or anything like that.”


     Kesler picks the only VHL member who has no letters in their name. I’m not sure what else to say besides “the knee slide is soooo cool.”


Flyersfan1493 – “Eaglesfan036 because he would do everything I told him to do and if worst-case scenario I'm stronger than him and could eat him if I had to.”


     I think Flyersfan thought he was answering a different question. I’m sure if he knew the question, his answer would be something along the lines of, “Eaglesfan036 because he is better than me at everything, always beats me in NHL, is a great helicopter driver in Grand Theft Auto, and is better than me at League of Legends.”




Mike – “I'd pick Sherifflobo. I've said it a bunch of places around the league about what he meant to Riga when I took over as GM.I had taken a long break from the VHL and didn't know a lot of the newer people here. Lobo came into Riga as the 1st round draft pick and stayed positive throughout all the bad times. He was instrumental in helping both the team as a player and as an individual to turn around the negative losing mindset in Riga.”


     Mike wins the award of having an answer four times longer than anyone else. His answer also had nothing to do with living on an island. I would make fun of Mike more for his answer, but if I ever wind up on Riga I wouldn’t want to be demoted to the fourth line.


Doomsday – “I'd go with Davey Jones (Da Trifecta) because with him, we'd be able to take over that island with just a gun and two guys named Dave.”


     I’m beginning to think Doomsday is one of those people obsessed with guns. He’s participated in a Civil War reenactment, hides a musket under his bed, and probably works at a Walmart that sells assault rifles.












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Content: 3/3- 485 Words. A little short for my liking though the quotes made it a lot lengthier, but none the less, a pretty entertaining media spot on the most important question known to man. It's interesting to see who the member of the VHL would bring with them on a deserted island and the different, and very interesting, reasons behind there selections. Good job on this


Grammar: 2/2- Only found this one so no need to deduct any points. 


the VHL - the VHL's


Apperance: 1/1 - You have color and pictures, what more could you ask for?


Overall: 6/6

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Content: 3/3 - An entertaining media spot that shows the lighter and darker side of some of the members of the VHL. As far as you beating me in NHL, how have the last two series gone again?


Grammar: 2/2 - I didn't find anything else.


Appearance: 1/1 - Yep.


Overall: 6/6


FINAL: 6/6

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