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Claimed:Enter Stormborn (II)


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"I am pleased to announce that I, Kristian Stormborn, will be entering the S37 VHL Entry Draft."


The words of what may be a potential superstar in the league. Stormborn feels as if he already knows the type of skill level needed to compete in the VHL. This pesky forward with a small stature has come off as fairly cocky since vouching for his interest in the Victory Hockey League.


"Put me in this current draft for all I care. Put me in the VHL Finals right now, I have no fucks. I'll play with the best of them." quoted the forward.


Sounds like Stormborn is already gaining league wide attention from his peers. Is a player like Stormborn really what the league needs? What could warrent such a cocky reputation for a player most know next to nothing about?




Stormborn may have the attitude, but lacks the size to back it up.


Whatever the case, Stormborn is still on the look out for an agent. At this current time, none have really shown much interest and thus could ruin the slight chance he even has at making the minors. An agent could possibly set the forward on the right track. Stormborn needs to know when to back down in interviews and keep it friendly. With such frequent outbursts, his draft stock will decline. Hurting his draft stock isn't even in the cards right now, as his attitude and size already puts Kristian at such a disadvantage.


No agent, no contract, no chance.


The interesting fact about his game is that the guy plays the role of a goon with a knack for the net. Not many players 5'7 would even think to go after the biggest of players, especially one just under 170lbs. Having been picked on for his size for his whole life, Kristian Stormborn has the certain edge that even an enforcer can dream of. Unfortunately, what he lacks for in size, he still has trouble on the defensive side of the game, which may hurt him if he becomes anywhere close to a player in the Victory Hockey League.


All the odds seem to be against this diminutive player. He's small and his defensive abilities aren't even average. The guy can hit, but that could only go warranted for such a short time barring his size. 


"I think people are going to be surprised. Nobody knows shit and the ones that think they know shit, can eat shit. I've been picked on my whole life. Why will this change now? I have to play the type of game I play. Otherwise, all I'll be is a little shit scouring the ice looking for my shot at the big leagues. Well, I am the big leagues. I'm nothing but a mystery right now. Just wait..."


A mystery is right... 


01 / 01 / 14 (ENTER...)




Note: I know I struggled here to fill in my media spot. I'm still trying to adjust and inform myself of what's going on in the league. Expand my knowledge and have stronger articles that aren't just about me. 

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Content: 3/3 - Like you said, this was very close to being too short. Even though the article is a little brief, it's still solid in content and does a pretty good job of giving Stormborn some character. The VHL could use some more outspoken players. Ever since certain members disappeared, we've had way too many media friendly players with boring quotes.


Grammar: 2/2 - I didn't notice anything. Nice!


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


Overall: 6/6

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Content: 3/3 - This was very well done for a first media spot. Don't worry about not knowing much about the league yet, it'll come in time. I think I spent my first 5 media spots just talking about myself and maybe a little bit on my VHLM team. I like that you are making a small guy that hits a lot, kind of similar to the Flyers Zac Rinaldo.


Grammar: 2/2 - Perfect!


Appearance: 1/1 - Looks good.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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