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First 590 ever


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Hi, I've never ever ever never ever ever done a fan 590 before on this site. I'm about to make my new player, but I need a few questions answered and some timely advice would be supreme.



First, what should my player's name be?

Second, I know Cumberbatch was a huge hit, but I doubt I get any points from him for this player. Should I just go with the 3 double point tasks?

Third, why are you all such cunts?

Fourth, why isn't Jardy a better porn star?

Fifth, is it porn star or pornstar? 

Sixth, is the minimum of these things still 150?

Seventh, wtf (this counts as 3 words, fuck you) happened to the old site?

Eight, what kind of player (position wise first) should I make?

Ninth, what are you all getting me for Christmas?

Tenth, sometimes I read Squinty as Squirty, what a fucking weirdo? (Rhetorical question obviously why is this even a question)



The End. 

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Oh, call yourself Pylon W. Feet... the W stands for "with"


And make yourself Americuhn, we won the last WC, and you wanna be a winner, don't you?

Edited by Chamomile Tea in a Cup :^D
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