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Knight called Leeroy Jenkins (Squinty) a bandwagoning asshole with no loyalty in his rant PT? That was hilarious, because it's so true!
















Fuck Squinty.

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This is funny looking back on it.


That is a bit of a side-track, but it leads me to my next point. Leeroy Jenkins. All hail, the greatest fucking forward who wasn’t rigged into winning every god damn award (that’s a reference to Scotty Campbell for those dullards who can’t infer something as simple as that). Leeroy Jenkins, best forward since the early days of the league. Leeory Jenkins, a greater power forward than J.D. Stormwall. Leeory Jenkins, the man with a shit load of championships. I ask myself, how the fuck is this even possible. The answer is very simple – he’s one selfish motherfucker. He has switched teams faster than Anderson created new players. He is quite possibly the least loyal player in the history of the VHL. All fucking credit to him – he realized what it took to build a great player in this league.


However, not everything is sunshine and daises when it comes to Leeroy Jenkins. I’d just like to say, how the fuck did this dude rack up so many hits when he never surpassed 80 in checking? David Smalling, with 90 checking in his first season and 99 ever since his second, has failed in comparison in terms of hits to these pussies. I wanted to try something different but once again STHS displays it’s knack for being absolutely stupid by generously donating hit after hit to these pansies that barely have 80 in checking. I mentioned Jenkins was quite possibly the most selfish player in VHL history – he would always play on teams where he was the top shit or the team he was on was relatively shitty. Everyone knows that on a shitty team, the top player produces like crazy, especially when it comes to hits. Why do you think David Smalling broke the record for hits in his rookie season? First, I was selfish, and second I was on a shit team in a great position.


Jenkins benefitted extraordinarily from this, especially when it came to his hit total. There is no way anyone in the league should be hitting more players than Smalling Oh wait, except Tukka Reikkinen on his horrendously offensicely-awful New York team managed 430 hits with 80 checking. Jarvis Baldwin managed 284 hits with 70 checking.  Abraham Sander racked up 360 hits with 80 checking on the same team as David Smalling who managed a fucking pathetic 277 hits. Why? Sander was playing on the second line enjoying the riches of playing against lesser opposition. My record was broken by a guy, Tukka Reikkinen, who has 80 fucking checking. How the fuck does that make any sense? Oh wait, we’re talking about STHS so it makes perfect sense.


STHS rewards you infinitely more so for the situation you are put in. That is why Jenkins has been so god damn successful throughout his career. He may even go down as the greatest power forward to ever have played the game, and I laugh at the idea of that. When a man with 80 checking is rewarded significantly more than someone with 99 checking you know shit is fucked up.


From now on I plan to be selfish. I plan to do what I want and put myself in situations that allow David Smalling to become the greatest power forward that ever played in the VHL. I want to prove that it doesn’t have to do with build or effort, it’s all situational. Have a problem with it? I don’t give one shit. I have loyalty to only one person in this league and that’s my brother Phil. I’m going to always make sure we play on the same line, preferably second line, so that we can exploit the league and become the greatest duo that’s ever existed. Fuck championships because they are based on luck anyway. It starts next season too.

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4 hours ago, TheLastOlympian07 said:

man, the names in this thread. all used to have so much power in the VHL now they all have the generic members under their names. oh how times have changed


Winter came. 

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