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An Ode to Vincent Vega


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Dear Vincent Vega,


The time has come and gone

Our team formed a lovely bond

You won't be forgotten as you slashed teams tires,

Unlike that Russian Radislav Mjers


We wish you the best

In your future goaltending nest

Thank god you are not a Cow

Much like the useless Jim Gow.


You never took a day off

Which isn't surprising

Unlike like Ferris Bueller

And before him Klaus Muller


You served this team well,

while raising some hell

but won't be resigned

Cause in Cologne we aren't kind.


We hope you understand

As it isn't anything personal

At least you didn't blow

Like Sergey Brovalenko.



Cologne Express Fans.

Edited by Kendrick
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I've never really thought about this before, but if you think flow and Gow rhyme, then you're off on the pronunciation :D

I just remember that pronunciation is not the way it looks. Fixed.

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