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Nazem Kadri is Santa Claus


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TORONTO, Ont. -- The VHL head office has come under scrutiny as the league has been accused of favouritism in its league marketing. The new Christmas themed campaign prominently features the Toronto Legion on pretty much every piece of marketing material associated with the campaign.


In the 10-team VHL, this isn't sitting well with some of the league's lesser known franchises. 


"It's a joke," one VHL President said. "The league clearly has it in for Calgary and Toronto and it makes me sick. Why can't we see our beautiful sweater smeared over everything? Hell, just once I'd be happy to see our brand there."


A VHL spokesperson deflected the criticism, saying that the league's marketing materials reflect all 10 member franchises.


"The league seeks to equally balance our marketing but there is obviously some fluctuation in that based on star players and the success of a franchise at a given point in time," the spokesperson said.

As for our President? 

"You can tell him that statement is a joke."

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