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Claimed:Damon Tyrael Rookie Profile

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Name: Damon Tyrael
Position: Center
Current Team: None
Number: 91
Age: 18
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225 Lbs.
Born: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
After Tyrael finished his Western Hockey League season with the Red Deer Rebels last year and was not selected in the National Hockey League entry draft, his hopes and dreams were dashed. Tyrael was forced with the decision of returning to the Western Hockey League and trying for the next seasons National Hockey League draft or moving on to the lesser Victory Hockey League to try and prove himself there. After much talk with his family and maybe waiting a bit longer than he should have, Damon Tyrael decided to join the Victory Hockey League. Since season thirty five was already under way when Tyrael registered for the league he was put on the waiver wire until picked up by Brampton Blades of the Victory Hockey League Minor four games into the season. The rookies season went about as good as can be expected with 72 points in 68 games with the Blades.
Tyrael playing in the WHL with the Red Deer Rebels
At this point Tyrael's numbers are not overly impressive as compared to his season thirty six draftee counterparts at 29 goals, 43 assists and 72 points in 68 games. Although Victory Hockey League Minor numbers seem to fluctuate quite a bit depending on the talent surrounding players. Also, some of these VHLM players are on their second season in the minors. It's no big feat to pass the one hundred seventy five practice hours in less than one season as many have done it before but it does bode well for this young mans future. 
One tried and true method Victory Hockey League general managers use when judging players is "Practice Hours". Tyrael looks to have well over 200 practice hours by the time the season thirty six draft rolls around. This means Tyrael will not be allowed to be sent back to the minor league and will be with a Victory Hockey League franchise next season. At this point scouts seem to have Tyrael placed around the third to fifth draft spot going to the New York Americans, Vasteras Iron Eagles or Riga Reign. Tyrael has a well known agent in the Victory Hockey League in Bushito, having clients Tayson Barabash, Peyton Nydroj and Satan. The pedigree for sharp players is there and Tyrael could be the best yet, but with each of the past two having won the VHL championship and multiple other awards it still remains to be seen if Tyrael can be as good, let alone surpass his predecessors.
Mock Draft
Although this is a player profile we are going to throw in a mock draft to give you an idea of where Tyrael should land in the draft.
1. Bears: Godavari Yumalatopinto TPE-252
2. Reign: Xin Xei Xao TPE-240 
3. Americans: Robin Gow TPE-220
4. Iron Eagles: Damon Tyrael TPE-191     
5. Reign: Robert Gow III TPE-136 
6. Legion: Andrey Zadorov TPE-117
7. Reign: Phil Villeneuve TPE-101
8. Reign: Triton Jackson TPE-84
9. Americans: David Januzaj TPE-73
10. Americans: DuJuan Cook TPE-62
Player Review
Skating: Tyrael was once one of the best skaters in the Western Hockey League. It remains to be seen weather or not he can be one of the best in the VHLM or not yet but he has the scouts talking with his early workouts in the league thus far. With Tyrael's size and his long stride it's no wonder he can cover the ice at such great speeds.
Leadership: Leading by example is what Tyrael is all about. The first one in the gym and last to leave, the first one to drop the gloves to defend a teammate and the guy that's there to get the team fired up when they need it. This is the kind of guy you want in your locker room.
Work Ethic: Sleep, practice, gym, sleep, practice, gym is all this guy ever does. Tyrael wants to take home trophies and break records. The only way he knows how, to just plain outwork his competition. At the rate this kid is improving he'll be a starter in the pro's very soon. It's Tyrael's lead by example attitude that has bee ingrained in the young man since childhood that keep him working harder than anyone else on any team he has ever played for.
Discipline: Tyrael has always had a temper and it has got the best of him on many occasions. While this is an area of the youngster's game that is improving, he still has the tendency to fly off the handle when protecting team mates. Nobody will forget Tyrael "ACCIDENTALLY" punching a linesman in his Western Hockey League days.
Puck Movement: The kid has given up his fair share of goals to poor puck movement decisions, it can always be improved on but as of right now it is a major factor in his ability to play at a higher level. Look for his VHLM coach to be pushing him hard for some improvement in his own zone before hitting the Victory Hockey League.
Fighting: You'd think that a guy with his temper would be a great fighter but the fact is he's not. While he is young and may develop the skill in the future, as of right now he's still a kid in a man's world. It remains to be seen if Tyrael will even attempt to fight in his VHL career or if he'll go the scoring role and stay out of the fight game in his new home.
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Content: 5/5 -  Congratulations on going 4th overall! Your player reminds me of what Scott Stevens once was. Huge shutdown defenseman with the leadership to take a team to championship. Except you're at center. :P Big 6'4" frame will do just that. Keep going at the rate you're going and you'll be there in no time.


Grammar: 1/1 - Nothing major here.

mans - man's


weather - whether


bee - been


Appearance: 1/1 - Very nice.


Over 500 Words?: 1/1 - Affirmative.


Overall: 8/8


Final: 8/8

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