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Does anyone else here play Proline?


I play almost everyday and have won a couple hundred dollars. I won a lot off the NHL playoffs last spring and MLB in the summer, but so far in this season in NHL I've been breaking even.


I don't really have a strategy other than looking at starting goalies, injuries and hot/cold streaks.

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Wish I would have bought one during the 'Nucks and Bruins cup series, predicted the winner and score plus the underdog team to win. Could have made a killing off that ticket.


But alas, I didn't buy one and still haven't.

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the fuck is a proline, and do they offer college basketball betting

It's cheap sports betting. I dunno if they have it in the States but yes they do have College Basketball. In Pro Basketball the team has to win by 6 though. So if I bet Miami to have beat Indiana last night (they did so by 3) I still wouldn't win any money. In case of a less than 6 point spread, you'd have to bet the tie. You also have to bet more than one game per card ( of any sport).

It can get really addicting, but it's usually cheap so not a big deal. Won 50 bucks off it the first time I bet. One of my friends won a couple hundred by picking underdogs one day in the NHL.

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