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Olsen excited for Seattle's future


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Now that he has returned to practice, Seattle Bears defenseman Karsten Olsen hasn't exactly been shy in talking to the media. Assorted members of the press, including the Seattle Times, caught up with Karsten after he was finishing an offseason training session with former Bears star Mitch Higgins.


Q: So Karsten, now that you're back, how do you think the team looks?


Better than ever, I'd have to say. This is what we've been building towards, this upcoming season here. I have three years under my belt, and so does Ball. Blade and Smyl each now have two. This is our time, and if Seattle doesn't make the playoffs next year (especially with Calgary and New York's problems), I'll be positively shocked.


Q: But are playoffs really the goal? Will you be content with that?


No, not really. I mean, it will be nice to get there, since I haven't yet. But I'm a firm believer that once you get to the playoffs, anything can happen. You just need to take that first step. And I'd put our in-year improvements up against anybody else in the league - we're young and active, the best combination for our training actually meaning something by the end of the season.


Q: And you have the number one draft selection joining you as well, as well as any free agents.


That we do, helpful journalist man. I've seen rumors and sly hints from our GM that we'll be selecting Godavari Yumalatopinto. I know as much as you guys do, but man, wouldn't that be a spectacular defense? In an age where pretty much everybody other than Quebec is having massive amounts of trouble finding defensive talent, we'll have four of the best young defensemen in the league with him, myself, Lefevre and Encarnacion. That's just positively deadly. Our offense will be fine with Ball and Blade and Sound and anyone else we bring in, but that defense, that could be a cup-shifting strength right there.

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