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Claimed:James Lefevre is Better Than You

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Lefevre On The Rise




Seattle Bears defender James Lefevre is quietly climbing his way into the league’s elite.


Lefevre just finished his fourth season in the league, and thanks in part to the retirement of Clark Marcellin and Ryan Sullivan, he is suddenly looking like one of the best defensemen the league has to offer. While he has yet to win any individual accolades, or even earn an all-star nomination for that matter, Lefevre has been one of the most stellar defensive forces in the league over his career, a fact that is becoming more evident as his career progresses.


It seems that going into this year, Lefevre is rivaling Quebec’s Valiq brothers in terms of top defensemen in the league, albeit with a very different game. The strength in Lefevre’s game comes from strong defensive poise, something that isn’t highly valued in an offense-minded league like the VHL. 


It’s easy to forget the impact that Lefevre has had so far in his career. He has spent its entirety on a Seattle Bears team that has yet to make the playoffs, and this year was the only time the team was looking remotely competitive. Nevertheless, Lefevre has managed to put up impressive defensive statistics, and is developing into a solid all-round player. In fact, if his career continues on this trajectory, he could find himself cemented among the greats of VHL history.


This may seem like an overstatement given Lefevre’s lack of accomplishments thus far, but the stats indicate otherwise. Through four seasons Lefevre is sitting at an impressive 1216 career hits, already enough to surpass his father and put him in the league’s top 30 all-time. The only player on that hits list that has more hits per game is David Smalling, who sits atop it. If Lefevre continues at this pace over the next four seasons, he will be pushing, and possibly even de-throne Smalling as the league’s most prolific hitter. 





In addition to his hits, Lefevre has 704 career shot blocks. This number may have been padded slightly by starting his career on a weak team, yet it is also important to remember that the team’s defense was only weak in Lefevre’s rookie year. Since then, the Bears have consistently had one of the deepest defensive corps in the league, currently boasting names like Karsten Olsen and Edwin Encarnacion alongside Lefevre. 


With two more good defensive seasons, Lefevre could find himself in the elusive 1000 hits/1000 shots blocked club. If Lefevre is able to block 300 shots over the next four years, which seems likely given his typical output, he will be just the sixth player in VHL history to reach the achievement. 


The silence around Lefevre’s successes could soon disappear. The Seattle Bears are poised to be a threat for the first time in his career, he is entering his prime, and the VHL’s top two defensemen have just retired and left a void that needs to be filled. It seems that the stars may be aligning just right for Lefevre, and the next two seasons could see the recognition and breakout of one of the greatest defensive players the VHL has ever seen.

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Content: 3/3 - Good overview on your player as it stands currently. He sounds like he's had a pretty good career thus far and with a little more work he can become even better. 


Grammar: 2/2 - Not much.


top 30 all-time - top 30 of all-time


successes - success


Appearance: 1/1 - Easy to read.


Overall: 6/6

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