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Omg Free Agency


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I have slowly but surely begun my transition back into the league, at least I think, after quite some time away.  Not looking for a position (yet) or anything like that, just looking to be a part again.  For some reason my player has been seeing a lot of activity the last week or so, which in all honestly has likely been the main reason for my encore.  Anyways, enough about me.


For free agency I'm not really sure where each teams stands or how they are looking moving forward.  You pitches should be about your future and not necessarily about this upcoming season, although that isn't necessarily a bad thing.  My build could go a few ways from here and I at least want to get my skating, passing, scoring and puck handling up to 90.  I'm also considering building up face-offs in lieu of that.  Anyways, personal messages or posting here works.  Facebook is incredibly unprofessional (kendrick).  Just kidding, but seriously.




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Getting someone rights means nothing now a days. The Express just do whatever they want :P

I never talked to him before the discussions opened my friend. It's 1am on the East coast.

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If you are after underaged bitches, Kesler is your best shot.


Should come to Toronto though, we will have our annualy catch-the-pig-in-mud contest soon. And yes, this involves chicks in bikini's. Jardy's mom confirmed...

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