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Watchmen Hold All Top Four Picks


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Bratislava Watchmen Prepare for the S36 Draft


Bratislava, Slovakia - On the night of the VHL Draft, the Bratislava Watchman have their scouts back home studying their notes for the minor league draft. The Watchmen were busy today as the acquired the fourth overall pick from the Brampton Blades. The Watchmen now hold the entire top four draft picks for the upcoming draft, and are preparing for a serious run. They also acquired top flight VHLM sniper and former highly touted VHL prospect Vincenzo Valentini from the Minot Gladiators.


The Watchmen are expecting to have returning forwards Magnus Hertzberg, Haggard Slobbin and Mario Corvia in the line-up next season. Lauris Prikulis, a likely favorite for VHLM Top Defenseman in S35 will likely report to the Cologne Express next season. Many scouts have said Prikulis could benefit from one more year with the Watchmen especially in a year where they will be highly active, with some very well-respected members entering the team. If Prikulis returns he will most definately take on a leadership role with the team, although he is very close to being VHL-ready.


"Lauris was great for us last season. He's quiet, but a hard-worker. I'd be very happy to see him graduate to Cologne and join a very healthy franchise who are on the verge of elevating to a serious competitor. Whether Lauris stays or goes, we are proud to add him to our illustrious alumni group." - Watchmen GM, Vince Wong.


The fans in Slovakia have been thrilled by the announcements today. It has been a rough season as they rebuild and recuperate after selling a lot of their future assets to get a championship in S34. Two seasons later the Watchmen are gearing up for another run, and fans are already buying up jerseys and season tickets. Of those rumored to be on the Watchmen radar is goaltending prospect for the Wranglers Martin Brookside. In addition to Brookside, Tom Slaughter and Slaeter Fjorsstrom, the consensus top S37 picks are also rumored to be high in the opinion of the Watchmen scouts. The fourth overall pick could be the big mystery, with names like Villenueve, Kraivinen and Jackson all being mentioned. Bratislava has been known to go off-the-board when given the chance, so we could see some fireworks in the opening round of the VHLM Draft.

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