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QUeen Latifa Holds Records Bitch


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Queen Latifa Sets World Record
Yesterday, history was made by one of the VHLM's finest, now that many people made their way up to the big leagues. Queen Latifa was spotted at a gay bar and was asked to eat as many hot dogs as he (or she in many eyes) could eat in 20 seconds. Queen Latifa was able to eat 20 hot dogs every 5 seconds which equates to about 80 hot dogs in the 20 seconds he was given. When asked how he was able to do it Latifa said this:
"Well, it (the bundle of 20 hot dogs) was almost as big as the chew toy that my parents used to make me chew on when I was little, so I knew how to get it down quick. After that it was just my teeth chomping, just like they do when I eat the ice after games. When it was over, all I could do was throw up. All I'm saying it, I ball out all night and all day."
When Latifa was asked about why he attended the gay bar, all he could do was look down in shame.
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