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Claimed:S36 VHL Entry Draft (Cologne Edition)


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Colognes S36 Draft



Phill Thrill (L) poses with Franz Monster © and David Collier ®


Going into the Season 36 VHL Entry Draft the Cologne Express had little to no expectations when it came to what they could select. The draft consisted of a very strong front half of the first round and beyond that it was anyone’s guess on the quality a team could pick up. Of course Gow, XXX and Yumalatopinto were the top of the class and were all sought after from day one. However, some teams wouldn't have the advantage of drafting early because of previous transactions or placing in last year’s standings. Cologne decided that despite their late picks they would still go out and grab possible prospects that may end up turning out after all. When Cologne sent David Collier to the draft floor he promptly did exactly what the Express had drawn out.


With the 13th overall pick the Cologne Express decided to grab VHL Agent Patrik Johansen's new client Franz Monster. Monster is a 6'4" winger with a power forward body and the hunger for the front of the net. Monster played with the Oslo Storm this past season and the Dutch forward is looking to continue his development this off-season. Monster and Kendrick have been in talks and will be putting pen to paper on a contract very soon. Monster is eager to learn and develop as fast as he can to hopefully make the Express over time. Franz has the desire that he once had and will look to build more on his young career in the VHLM this next season.


Next up the Cologne Express had to go right back to the draft floor and David Collier did exactly what the entire fan base of the Express saw coming. Collier and the Express selected Stelio Kontos with their 14th overall selection. Kontos is a Greek born defenseman who played the last season with the Saskatoon Wild. Kontos' agent Alex Stoyanovich and Joey Kendrick have a history back when Stoyanovich was in Helsinki with Kendrick's client Jakob Kjeldsen. Joey Kendrick has contacted Stoyanovich in hopes of sparking a young Stelio who Kendrick originally inspired to return to the VHL. The Express are once again hoping that they can let Kontos grow and stay patient to find a diamond in the rough with this selection. Collier was more then excited to announce these two picks after he signed his extension at the conclusion of last season.



The Express would have to wait until the 23rd overall pick to be able to announce another name and they feel they got another solid pick. Jimmity Kricket is a goaltender and hasn't shown much when it comes to his overall dedication. The bright spot for the Express is that Joey Kendrick has in fact contacted and had a conversation with Kricket's agent post-draft. Kricket is another player who Cologne feels could be good if he put the effort in, as Kendrick tends to give his draft picks time if they are in the system. Jimmity is a fast learner, but needs to apply himself better and the Express are willing to help. 


With their final selection in the draft the Express decided they would go after a combination of beer companies. In Germany, beer is a sacred and very popular liquid. The Express wanted to bring over a Canadian beer and couldn't decide between Molson and Alexander Keith's, so they got both. Molson Keith was drafted in the third round (28th overall) and has a past with Kendrick. Joey enticed Keith to join the Victory Hockey League when he first entered the league many moons ago. Once again Joey went back and got him to return after a long hiatus from the league. Keith is a huge winger at 6'8" and 250 pounds of pure hockey player. The Express are hoping he can match his development with his frame and come together as the full package. Kendrick once again has had contact with his agent Leafs Steen.


Overall with what they had, the Express made it out okay and aren't going to be upset if their picks don't make some noise. However, Kendrick feels his youngsters can gain some knowledge from the guys in the LR and perform at a very fast pace in their development. Here is hoping to a bright future and that the cupboard has been re-stocked.

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Content: 3/3 - Interesting look into Cologne's draft process while not owning any top picks. While the top picks usually are very good and gain a lot of attention, I find that 2nd round picks are also very important in building depth or project players. 


Grammar: 2/2 - Just one.


more then excited = more than excited


Appearance: 1/1  - Looks good.


Overall: 6/6

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