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Effort: 0.75/2 - Nothing here basically.  It's a picture with text and a stock.  You need to do way more.

Look: 1/3 - It's not the worst graphic I've seen, but it's so insanely basic, I can't give you much here.  The text is not good.  Try using just one line of text, or the first name smaller and on top of the last name text.  It's void of lighting and there is just one stock.  I don't really know what else to say.  

Creativity: 1/1 - Looks pretty similar to your other two graphics I graded.   I'm going to let you off with a warning, but next time I'm going to dock.


Total: 2.75/6


Post your sigs for CNC before posting them as point tasks.

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Effort: 1/2 - Definitely lacking in most areas. Despite using GIMP, there are tons of tutorials out there that cater to it. Even basic things like lighting, the rule of thirds, etc.


Look: 1/3 - Text brings this down the most, it's kind of just slapped on there. Random stock in the top right isn't really doing much, work on depth (so use blurring, gradients and different blending modes for stocks). Keep trucking man, you'll get it with practice.


Creativity: 1/1 - Suppose so?


Total: 3/6

Overall: 3/6

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