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Smyl frustrated with Super Cup


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The inaugural VHL Super Cup is currently in progress, with teams having already played 20 games in the round robin. For most players and fans, this is one of the coolest things seen in the league for seasons, but for some it hasn’t been enjoyable at all. Steven Smyl was the 77th-overall selection to the Reynaud Raid. A 13th-round pick and arguably deserved better. Drafted before Smyl all the way in the 6th round to the same team was Eggly Bagelface, who Smyl expected to split games with throughout the tournament. So far though, Smyl has not seen the ice once, despite Bagelface being arguably the worst goaltender in the tournament.


“I was disappointed in the first place that every GM didn’t see me as a good option in the draft. I was passed over in favour of many other players and was left wondering about what would happen this tournament. Ball then selected me in the 13th round and I was okay with that. I’m great friends with Jr. after all the time we have spent in Seattle, so I thought it would be a good tournament.


“Then Bagelface was selected to start the first six or seven games, which was all right because he was the first goalie picked and all. Then we went with him in the next set of games and I started worrying about my playtime. Bagelface has a year advantage on me, but despite that I know that I’m just as skilled as him if not better. Just look at the stats in the tournament so far. He’s one of the worst goalies.


“The team still insists that we go with him though. If I was stinking it up on the ice I wouldn’t get frustrated about this, but to not even be given a chance is downright insulting. If you intended on drafting me, I’d hope the intentions were to give me a couple games. I’m disappointed that the only reason I’ll get starts in this tournament is because of the backup rule the Cup has in place. Definitely not the role I imagined myself playing in the inaugural Cup.


“Honestly, I wouldn’t even care if the Raid lose this tournament now.”

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Not useless, actives should get some playtime, that was the whole point of this tournament.


Yea and if you took the time to read I said I didn't have a computer so I couldn't do lines. 

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And Matt Flynn got 4 starts for Green Bay. See I can make useless points too


I forgive Ball and the Raid just based on this post. :lol:

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