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Claimed:Wolf Is Currently Tamed [Reviewed]


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The Wolf.


When one hears the word Wolf, they think about the animal that roams the shadows of the forest alone. You also think about one of the biggest, meanest and dominant predators in his habitat. For Sven Wolf, you would expect the same, except his habitat isn't the forest - it's the ice. Scouting reports held him high in the rankings and fans throughout Sweden claimed he had traits similar to Forsberg and numerous other Swedish greats who have once laced them up representing their nation. However, despite the hard and incredible amount of dedication he has put into training and his rapid progression when it comes to developing as a player, he has yet to find his stride in the VHL. Being a play maker this is maybe slightly understandable, especially for a rookie, but for a player with his type of potential we can't help but feel a bit disappointed.


While most rookies take a bit to take off and generally have an additional year in juniors, Wolf took it upon himself to skip the stepping stone and hop right into the big leagues to attempt to fill some large voids with a potential minor presence. Wolf has notched only 2 goals in 41 games, but remember, he is a play maker and currently is focusing on his passing game. While his goals are slightly dull, his assist total is double digits and amounts to 18 for 20 points on the season. While this is nothing to overly kick a fuss up about being a first year player and losing out on an additional junior season, as stated prior it's simply not what we expected from him. 



Wolf sets up a Podarok goal early in the 2nd period.



Prior to the start of Season 50, it was fairly well known where Wolf was going, what the plan was for him and what his role on the Seattle Bears would be. When it came to expectation, it could honestly be thrown up in the air as predictions from media outlets were all over the place. Essentially, the range for this point of the season was from 34 points and 48 points. Obviously, coming up fairly short. When GM Campbell of the Seattle Bears was approached about his young stars performance, this is what he had to say.


We're not overly concerned currently with how Wolf has been playing. He's on the first line, among others, and is competing against some really elite players and teams. Secondly, he missed out on an extra junior season where most rookies likely had went through two and had more TPE prior to sporting a VHL teams jersey over their shoulders. He's done an okay job. Sure, maybe he hasn't been a huge presence on the point chart and sure, if he had maybe we'd be winning more games. Everyone of our fans and the Bears team knows the process we're going through. His time will come, just like the teams time will come. When it does, it's going to be fucking huge.


And when the young player was interviewed after a team practice, his words were rather confident than disappointed. 




It's a learning curve for me, for sure. I know they're saying I have a ton of potential and they're not wrong. It's just a lot about learning, gaining experience and developing your skills and those 3 things are something I've been very focused and dedicated to progressing with. With my play, sure I am disappointed. It's nice to put up big points and obviously it's even nicer to help your team and the boys get those wins, but I just have to focus on training and becoming a stronger player and the rest will come. In the near future, you're going to see much stronger strides from me.

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22 minutes ago, evrydayimbyfuglien said:


Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me :lol:


Just kidding. Great article here. Very easy to read. Format and everything looked good. I'm sure Wolf will be fine when he gets his TPE up a bit. Keep up the good work. 

You're so speedy. ;) 

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