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Wranglers Seeking Free Agents Next Season


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:cal::cal::cal: Wrangs Gon Wrang :cal::cal::cal:


Like Stockholm and Seattle and likely many others, Calgary will be seeking out free agents next season. The Wranglers boast a great core of young players, as their top two forwards Gowecny and Axelsson will begin to enter their prime years starting next season. Calgary's goalie, Ariel Weinstein, has the potential to be the best goalie in the league next season as he currently has the 2nd best save percentage in the league only behind future hall of famer Hans WinGod. Kevin Jalopski, Ted Doughty, Jace Hines, and Alokin Alset will bring solid forward depth to the team. Jim Lahey, Tobias Klingburg, and Marquis Hyvarinen will form a solid defensive unit next season, and with a potential elite defensive addition in free agency could be one of the league's best defenses. If the team can land just one of the available stud free agents, that along with their current players and picks for sale could make for a very dangerous team come S51.


Eaglesfan's GM record

S43: Rebuilding Year

S44: Win Continental Cup against Express 4-2

S45: Lose Continental Cup against Titans 3-4

S46: Lose Continental Cup against Titans 1-4

S47: Lose in NA finals against Americans 3-4

S48: Rebuild

S49: Rebuild

S50: Win the cup for sure :P

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4 hours ago, Ghost Reaper said:


Still a better team than Calgary :D

No. You were expected to represent Europe in the finals, and you'll have the same success Calgary will this year. So not not better, actually way below expectations for Davos again this year

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