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Weinstein the Key to Calgary's Success


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The battle for the final playoff place in the North American Conference has been developing over the course of the season.  With the New York Americans’ rebuild moving further and further, it appears as if Seattle and Calgary are the two teams that will be fighting for the playoffs.  At the moment, the Wranglers hold the advantage, as they have a five-point lead over the Bears.  Despite the fact that Calgary has the least goals scored in the conference, the Wranglers have been able to succeed thanks to an impressively low amount of goals allowed.  The man responsible for that is veteran goaltender Ariel Weinstein.

With a young and relatively inexperienced group of forwards, it seemed likely at the beginning of the season that he would be the most important player on the team.  That has proven to be true, and Weinstein’s impressive performances this season has helped guide the Wranglers into a likely playoff spot.  The Israeli-born netminder has had an impressive .932 save percentage in Season 50 so far, only second behind surefire hall of famer Hans Wingate of the Toronto Legion.  While we’re only just past halfway through the season, it seems likely that whatever level of success Calgary reaches will be in no small part because of Ariel Weinstein.

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