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Classic game coming up!!!


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Get ready for the classic matchup between Saskatoon and Bratislava! Right now both teams have a huge losing streak: SSK has 19 loses straight, Brat's - 23. And today's game will determine which team will extend their losing streak and which will take the first win for the long time. So who will win? Let's take a look at their players. Bratislava has a shot blocking king Josiah Kleveland, who is one fire despite being inactive from the start. And Sasky has Buddy Nielsen: a scoring machine for the Wild's. So which style will prevail: attacking or defensive? We took a short interview from Bratislava GM Zeptenbergs:


Will Bratislava win this game?


I don't give a crap, gimme draft picks!






And what @ADwyer87 thinks about this game?


Why Podarok sucks?!!?!?!


Geez, what a losers.


But still, you can't miss this game, especially after Bratislava's famous 0-shot game against Brampton. They have a chance to boost their confidence a little bit (LOL!) if they will win today. If not... @Banackock is gonna cry a lot. History in the making!

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