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No podcast from me this week, because I didn't get one done when I had the time. I wasn't planning on doing another VHFL podcast because it does get kind of stale doing those each week, though I did update the stats and standings in my spreadsheet. I was in first at the time. This was a few days ago. I was thinking about doing a podcast and I had a few things I was going to ramble about, but I just found myself being lazy. And really, what's the point of putting in that tiny bit of extra effort that a podcast takes over a VHL.com article, all in the name of one extra TPE, when earning TPE like crazy doesn't even equal success? But that's just me bitching again about how shitty this season is going for Stockholm. No, I'm not expecting wins, but I'm not expecting to be shut out in 30% of our games either. I shouldn't have to get excited when we score multiple goals in a single sim, let alone a single game. Super frustrating. But whatever, I gotta go to work now.

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