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E’Twaun Delicious is now over halfway through his final season in the VHL. After a rough seventh season, where he finished below 55 points, Delicious has bounced back this year. He’s logged 27 goals and 51 points while shooting a passable 9.6%. The New York Americans have fallen on hard times as they begin a rebuild, but Delicious has the best +/- of any human player on the roster as a -4 despite playing nearly as many minutes as team leader Edwin Reencarnacion.


Moving forward, the Muffins Agency will begin work on securing papers to bring over Greek defenseman Aschylus Jigglejawns CXXXVII. A talented balanced defenseman, Jigglejawns CXXXVII will look to boost the profile of Greek hockey as one of the best hockey players to come from the country. There has been talk that the young defenseman, a lifelong fan of the New York Americans, may refuse to play for his favorite team in favor of experiencing what else the league has to offer. More on that when details arise.

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