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Vote Eaglesfan 2016


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Eaglesfan036 is a prominent member of the VHL who is running as an independent third party against the rigged 2 party system. Here is his platform:


  • Bring back old chat
  • Pay a recruitment crew leader 7 tpe a week and expect at least an hour of work a week from them. Have them lead reddit posts similiar to the SHL and pay everyone 3 tpe to like and comment the post to get views
  • Even with the 2 player rule, shrink the VHLM down to 6 teams. Even with an extra 10 players a season, there will be room and we need the LRs to be more active.
  • Get someone to make a new S50 banner and make the SHL pay for it
  • Announce every deadline in every different manner of timezones


Help me fight the power and vote for me in our next VHL election. I promise to break up the rigged Draper-Higgins dictatorship, only allow jardy to go on an occasional drinking spree, and knock Victor down a peg.





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