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Lee King Snatch


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Lee King Snatch



Name: Lee King Snatch

Height: 6'4''

Weight: 220 lbs

Position: Defense

Handness: Left

Hometown: Flin Flon, Saskatchewan


Lee King Snatch comes to the VHL from an agency with recent success with VHL defensemen. Born in the hockey hotbed of Flin Flon Saskatchewan, Lee King Snatch was almost destined to play hockey at a high level. The long Saskatchewan winters led to many hours on the outdoor ponds for Snatch, and when he first stepped on the ice for organized hockey, those long days that turned into nights on his skates paid dividends. Things started to heat up for Lee King right around the ripe age of fourteen, when he was drafted into the Western Hockey League. With the rules governing the WHL about affiliated players, players who are under sixteen years of age, Snatch spent two more seasons at home after being drafted playing for the team he idolized growing up. That team was the Flin Flon Bombers of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, and the decision to stay home and suit up for the Bombers did wonders for Snatch’s game and character. After a decent WHL career, Snatch was looking for options outside the NHL when he was approached by an agency run by former VHLer Conner Low. Now we will see if Snatch has what it takes to succeed on the VHL ice surface.





Defensive Awareness:

Being a defenseman you would assume that it would be a guarantee that one would possess great defensive awareness, but if you’ve ever watched a Winnipeg Jets game you’ll know that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Lee King Snatch possesses a great back-end presence, seemingly always knowing where the rubber is. Snatch has great awareness in his own end with or without the puck and that might just be his greatest asset.



Snatch is a great natural skater, who makes it look effortless as he strides from behind the net up the ice. Snatch has a great first stride and the knack to always keep his head up and eyes scanning for the right lane to make a pass. Always known around the Saskatchewan hockey scene from a very young age as the kid who could skate through a brick wall, Snatch won’t look out of place with the many speedsters in the VHL.



As we briefly touched on during the last pro we talked about, Snatch has great pass ability and is definitely a pass first type of player. Snatch has been referred to often during his hockey days as a power play quarterback because of his passing abilities. Snatch seems to be able to make a pass from anywhere on the ice, rarely seeing his passes intercepted by the opposition. Snatch works tirelessly on his passing abilities and scouts will take notice once he enters the VHLM.






Sometimes on the ice a bit of aggressiveness can go a long ways, but crossing the lines can also go a long way to finding yourself in the penalty box or even on the end of the bench. Lee King Snatch can at times be a bit too aggressive, even for those in his own locker-room. An over the top character, Snatch will need to watch himself on the ice to make sure he knows where the line is drawn in the sand.


Without a great amount of professional hockey experience under his belt, Snatch lacks the experience that many fellow rookies have during their own respective hockey careers. After staying in his home province to play all his hockey career up to his points, Snatch will be leaving the nest for the first time and will have to manage his hockey career on his own for the first time. As many have done before him, Snatch will have to learn on the fly both on and off the ice in the upcoming seasons.




Snatch has always been one of the younger players on the hockey clubs he has laced up the skates for. Snatch was never really had to rally the troops before a big game, and usually prefers to let his play do the talking. With a sometimes vocal group of players in the VHL, Snatch will have to step up so he doesn’t get stepped on.

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Is Flin Flon seriously a town name or did you make that up? Best of luck on player #2. Looks like Snatch will be a solid playmaking defensemen! 2 of your weaknesses can be fixed over time, so no worries there :D


714 words :D

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