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Living in his fathers shadow


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Pavel Komarov has been a disappointment. Already better developed than his father,however has not be able to live up to the hype. Those close to him feel hes trying too hard to be his father, instead of focusing on being his style of player. One who prides himself on the defensive side of the game, but brings more offense than grit.


Well his father decided it was time to give his son a talk. Told him its time to focus on his game, not to try to do things he is not strong at. In practice he has gotten back to the basics, passing drills, and defensive positioning. He kn9ws if he is going to build his own legacy its time to start working hard. He knows he needs to be a better player of Davos plans on trying to win that cup. 


Drills have been hard the last few days, results have been strong in their last 7 only 2 losses versus Legion and Muete. Well the Legion seem to be tight games the Muete game was a disapointment. Which has lead to changes in the line up, the moves saw a more balenced approach once again to the forward core, and the defense will finally see the benifts of Nuck. 


The hope is now with a deeper defense core, Komarov can open up and start focusing on the offensive side. They hope he can start showing that potential he had when Davos selected him 7th overall. 

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