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Claimed:Minor League Destinations [Reviewed]

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Minor League Destinations



The minor league system is where Judocus will be playing the rest of this season and next. He has to get used to the fact that he will be playing at the pro level soon. He is hoping that in the VHLM he will get to showcase his skills to help him up his draft stock. While he isn't quite certain which team he wants to go to, below he has already listed the teams he is interest in joining. He has a top three favorite list and he will share that and even add a team that he wouldn't like to go to. They are listed in no certain order so don't really read much into it as he is just randomly naming off teams.


1. Ottawa Lynx - They are lead by general manager JardyB10 and he is arguably one of the longest tenured members in the league. He has the experience and he knows what it takes to build a championship caliber team. Right now his team has some defensive studs in Guntis Petenis and Brent Hardy. It just seems like the offense isn't really where it should be. The team does feature the VHLM's best goalie as well but is that enough to make Judocus join the team?


Verdict: Ottawa is a top three team based off the fact of who the general manager is. His knowledge and experience is what might make agent Ghost Reaper want to have Judocus sign there. I guess we will see in the next few hours or even in the next day or two what happens with this scenario.


2. Oslo Storm - I guess the fact that agent Ghost Reaper has ties with this team would help him want to get his new player here right? TheLastOlympian07 is just one of those guys that will just pester you until you get to sign with his team. I mean the guy is alright and has a level head. He did even win a cup as GM I think. Either way Oslo's roster is really bare. They have less talent than Ottawa does. Not sure why he wants to bring me in. Maybe a trade chip?


Verdict: Oslo is a top three team well because only three teams have shown interest right now. I can't really think of any other reason as to why I would want to go there. I mean I guess with the roster being empty, it could help him put up better numbers. Is that what he really wants though?


3. Saskatoon Wild - The last of the top three. Yet again another one of the three teams who have shown interest. They are spearheaded by GM ADwyer87. He is a great person to talk to and it seems like he is really interested. He has offered the best contract out of the three and it seems like he really wants Judocus. The teams star is Kevin Jalopski and this roster is just as empty as Oslo. Not really sure I could justify a reason of wanting to go there other than share a locker room with the GM.


Verdict: I guess being sold on a team could come down to the money factor. Not really sure what money gets you in the VHLM though.


Claiming for Judocus Dermaux

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Nice job, this inspired me to do a similar article, seems like the easiest thing to do with the 2nd player. Have no issues with this, spelling/grammar all looked good. Keep it up! I'm interested to see how the 2nd player project increases Media Spot numbers.

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