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Shortly after hitting the waiver wire, Daryl “Double D” Dortch received three offers from prospective VHLM teams. Here, we’ll highlight each team and the pros and cons of each.


   1.      Saskatoon Wild:

The Saskatoon Wild was the first team to offer Double D a contract. They currently only have one player on the roster in Buddy Nielsen. The team is in last place and have officially been eliminated from the playoffs. They have three wins to their 47 losses and two overtime losses. They’re being outscored 43-241, not exactly the best destination for a somewhat offensively inept forward.  That said, their GM, Bogdan Podarok has a special place in the heart of the Evryday Player Agency.  Also, Saskatoon was the team that originally drafted the other player they represent, Felipe Rodriguez so there is some familiarity there.


   2.      Brampton Blades:

The Brampton Blades were the second team to reach out to Dortch. Brampton has a pretty full roster as it stands and they’re in a good spot in the playoff picture. They have Jack Kraken with 40 goals on the year to go with his 41 assists. Their GM, Smarch, is someone the EPA is not familiar with despite them having a very large presence in the league. The draw here is the fact that Felipe Rodriguez’s short tenure as GM was with the Brampton Blades. Of course, Flip traded away any active players for draft picks while he was there but the Blades seem no worse for wear since then.


   3.      Ottawa Lynx:

The third offer so far comes from JardyB and the Ottawa Lynx. The Lynx were able to snag up the EPA’s first player when he came onto the waiver wire and they went on to bring Rodriguez his only cup so far. Their offer comes in at the lowest dollar amount but may be the most promising when it comes to success. The EPA and Ottawa have a history of success but is that enough to draw Double D there? Their roster lacks a physical presence up front but has a strong defensive core and one of the top goaltenders in the VHLM to back them up.


The earliest Dortch can make his decision is around 9 PM EST tonight. Last word out of the EPA was that Dortch had not made his decision yet. There’s a lot of great offers out there with the possibility of more coming. Will he follow the money? Will he follow another player agency he has a history with? Or will he go to the team his player agency has already had success with? This won’t be a make it or break it decision as the contract will only run until the end of the year when he’ll enter the VHLM draft. It will give him a great opportunity to show what he’s made of, as a sort of audition for the Season 51 VHLM Draft.


Keep an eye out on VHL.com as we’ll be following the story closely as we approach the 9 PM mark.

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