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Dortch's Decision

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Daryl Dortch took some time to make his decision on where he’ll play the rest of the VHLM season since hitting free agency. There was a decent amount of interest from a few VHLM teams including the Saskatoon Wild, Bern Royals, Brampton Blades, and Ottawa Lynx.


“I don’t want to keep anyone waiting any longer. I have decided I will take my talents to the Brampton Blades. I like the way the team is looking and hope I can give them that extra push to surpass Yukon in the standings. I’d like to thank the other GMs for their interest. I can’t wait to see what the remainder of the VHLM season holds for me and what I can do for my draft stock in the time I have left.”


So there you have it. The power forward is going back to the team his player agency once GM’d.


(I’ve never had a chance to share a locker room with Smarch as he said when making the offer. I know one of the arguments for this whole “Project 2 Player” was so people can meet and interact with people they haven’t had a chance to previously so in the effort of using this opportunity for what it was intended, I decided to go with Brampton.)

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