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Claimed:Edwin Threencarnacion Rookie Profile [Reviewed]


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Name – Edwin Threencarnacion

 Position - C

Height - 6'2"

Weight - 235

Born In - Dominican Republic


Originally entering the league as Edwin Encarnacion back in Season 35, the former Dominican baseball player’s first stint in the VHL was considered “an embarrassment to the sport of hockey”. Neglecting to actually play the game he committed eight years of his life to, Edwin instead focused on ridiculous goals such as leading the league in penalty minutes and recording as many goalie sacks (Edwin’s terminology to describe a Goalie Interference penalty) as possible. Due to the irreplaceable damage Edwin had caused to the VHL’s reputation, he was ordered to be set on fire by the VHL Commissioners immediately following what should have been his final VHL appearance.



Somehow Edwin didn’t die in the flamethrower attack, however his skin was completely burnt off and due to some reaction, was permanently on fire. While his new physical state as a human fire hazard upped safety regulations in the VHL (who reinstated Edwin in fear of being found guilty of attempted murder in court), it also helped him up his game as he actually focused on hockey this time around. In fact, to the surprise of everyone, Edwin had his most significant season in Season 48 when he picked up five regular season awards after not picking up a single one in his first stint in the league.



After being traded in Season 50 to the Toronto Legion, the flames surrounding Reencarnacion started to slowly die out and upon his final game for the team, the flames had been completely extinguished. Was this the end of Reencarnacion as we knew him? Absolutely, but that’s only because under those flames we didn’t realise he’s actually a fucking Terminator! Seeing potential HR value in having a VHL franchise having a well-recognized machine on its payroll, the commissioners of the VHL allowed Edwin to return to the VHL once again, this time as Threencarnacion!








Reencarnacion’s greatest asset in his seven season stint in the VHL was his ability to find the back of his opponent’s net with the puck, an ability that Threencarnacion has retained from his predecessor. While the VHL is hardly lacking in prospects that lean more towards scoring, there are very few that have the scoring ability of Threencarnacion.





Despite being a fairly big hockey player at 6’2” and 235 lbs, Edwin shows remarkable athleticism at the forward position for a player his size, which will make him a difficult player for defensemen to keep track of.



Work Ethic


While some people will argue that Edwin has wasted a lot of time over the course of his previous two VHL careers building himself up in unnecessary areas, there isn’t really any question about how much work he puts in to make himself as good as he can possibly be at what he wants to be. Despite a near two season absence to start his career, Encarnacion retired with over 700 recorded practice hours. The best example of his effort though was showcased prior to Reencarnacion’s Season 44 Draft, as he had accrued 325 practice hours prior to draft day, double the amount of practice hours of all but two of the other prospects in that draft.







Poor History in VHLM


While Bratislava managed to claim Threencarnacion using their Designated Player contract priority, it’s widely expected that, considering the current state of the Watchmen, Threencarnacion will end up being traded to a competing VHLM team before the end of the season. However, VHLM teams may well be wary that Edwin has struggled to perform in the minor league systems in his last three VHLM stints. In his last stint, Reencarnacion only managed to finish 18th in the VHLM in total points in Season 43, despite on paper being one of the more talented players in the league at the time, and couldn’t even manage a point in every other game for the Oslo Strom in Season 42. While this shouldn’t affect his prospects in the VHL system, VHLM GM’s may shy away from him due to his inability to perform in the minor league system





Despite being best known for his hard hitting style of play as both Encarnacion and Reencarnacion, Threencarnacion has lost some of that aggressiveness that made him a truly unique player. While teams will be happy that he won’t be spending as much time in the penalty box this time around, there are some concerns that he may be a bit too soft to compete with the more physical VHL players.


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Review: Whoops, read this but never commented. Things might get tricky naming your next player. Nice job with the rookie profile. Met the requirements as far as I can tell and you touched on the pros and cons. Best of luck with Edwin again, I'm sure he'll be a great player.

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