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Fabio lands in Saskatoon


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After few twists and turns, my agent managed to find me a place to play some hockey! I had to think about my future for a while with my family and of course I had to talk with my cousin, who by the way plays in Davos at the moment, I told my agent that I want to move to North-America and follow the same path as my cousin did years ago when he joined Ottawa Lynx in the VHLM.


My agent is a nice guy and quite hard working, so it only took him day or two to find me team in the VHLM! I´m moving to Saskatoon and join the Saskatoon Wild! I don´t know that much about the place or  about the team, but with a quick look I found out that the start for their season has not been ideal, in 55 games they have won only 5 games and scored 49 goals. Safe to say that the season has been a rough one, but I personally like challenges and hopefully me joining the team will help at least little bit and we win few more games before the season ends!



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