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 The progress Alex Kachur has made since he committed to join the Riga Reign franchise is nothing short of a freaking miracle. Then after his trade to Brampton Blades saw a defensive competition in the ranks between Alex Kachur and Elijah Dotran. Even though everyone says Elijah Dotran is the better of the two the stats sheets would say otherwise as only a few points separate the two. We caught up with Alex Kachur to ask what his secret is to his recent burst of excellence we have seen “You know I owe it all to both my general managers as well as

Daryl Dortch. Smarch sat me down the SECOND I arrived and layed it all on the table. I did the exact same thing. I told him simply ide work for results and it won’t happen overnight. Then when some drama surrounded me I looked to Daryl Dortch and he shared some wisdom with me.”


Whatever the General Managers and players are saying to Alex Kachur they need to keep it up. His recent point performance and boost of energy has shone a new light on the young man and a fire burns within him and a passion to succeed. Now we just wait and see what he makes of this new chance and opportunity.


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