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Max von Hohenzollern Rookie Profile

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Max von Hohenzollern Rookie Profile


Name: Maximilian Friedrich Karl Wilhelm Prinz von Hohenzollern
Position: Right Wing
Age: 19

Jersey Number: 61
Height (inches): 6'0
Weight (lbs.): 187
Birthplace: Tübingen, Germany








Max is one of the smoothest skaters in juniors right now who possesses both a powerful stride and good agility that allows him to regularly evade defenders who are looking to play the body. His top-speed isn't quite there yet with the very best in the pros, but if his current skating ability is any indication then he could be well on his way to becoming one of the most agile players in the VHL over the next few years.


Puck Handling


When the puck is on Max' stick then good luck trying to pick it off him. The Steattle Bears Prospect is one of the best Puck Handlers in the VHLM right now who doesn't go for the flashy deke that often, but is great at maintaining possession under pressure and shielding the puck from the opponent while he works his way into prime scoring position. He has specialized on quick moves in tight spaces and loves to kick the puck to himself too, so don't just keep an eye on his stick but on his skates as well once he starts to dangle.




Prior to the draft most scouts had described Max as a pure sniper and while he hasn't put up quite as many goals as he would've liked so far, his shooting is still one of the strong suits of his game. Max has a quick release and great accuracy, but in order to be able to beat the stronger VHLM and ultimately VHL goalies on a regular basis he will have to work on getting a little more juice behind his shots. Leave him some room in the slot and he is almost guaranteed to punish you already though.








His defensive play is certainly one of Max' prime weaknesses right now. The young German doesn't always work as hard in his own end or on the backcheck as his coaches would like him too, he isn't a liability on the ice but certainly not someone you want out there when you are looking for strong shutdown play. Max already told the press that he was looking to work on his defensive play over the next few months, but so far the results of that work haven't really shown on the ice yet.


Physical Play


Being an average sized player. Max is neither particularly strong or weak, but one problem right now is that he barely ever uses his body to his advantage. He doesn't fight, doesn't hit and often shies away from contact around the board, which is something no coach likes to see. He can hold his own when being pressured but is quite poor at initiating battles himself right now. While Max is in no way lazy, his rather soft style of play can still leave fans frustrated.




Is it only a coincidence or is there more behind the fact that the guy who has been given the nickname "The Prussian Prince" by the media can be a bit of a selfish puck-hog at times? While Max has shown himself to be a good modest kid off the ice and a guy who is liked by all his teammates, on the ice things can be a bit different. He often holds on to the puck a bit too long or takes low-percentage shots when there would have been a better positioned teammate that he could've passed it to. We expect this aspect of his game to improve as he matures, but Max will likely never be a great puck distributor and will probably fit more into a classical sniper role.

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Nice to see a fellow Bear getting some solid work done! Your player actually seems to mirror me a ton! I have just about every strength and weakness the same as you do. That will be cool to see that with us on first and second line together. Best of luck going forward!


635 words :D

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