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The past few sims for Riga have not been kind, no sir. Our last 10 games I believe have resulted in a 3-6-1 record while the Helsinki Titans are surging, which spells trouble for Riga. Fortunately for us, not everything seems terrible. Jordan Maverick was named to the All-Star Game with the final pick of the draft, which is great for the franchise. It’s nice to see our actives guys getting something in return for their hard work and hopefully as the seasons go on we’ll be able to have more of a representation with the game.

Ilya Kopralkov is still a mostly-bad goalie at best and can’t carry the team yet. It’s also possible that he never will because Smyl was so terrible despite my best efforts with him. Earlier in the season, Iyla proved that he can get the job done. If this happens throughout the last few games then I see no reason why the Russian can’t help us claim our first round matchup.

We have several games coming up against Toronto, which has been a hell of a regular season series. Our team being responsible for a few of Toronto’s few losses is special, and I’m looking forward to the next few battles with them. A few games against Seattle and one against the Tits will determine was happens with this post-season run though, and we’re not going down without trying our best.

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