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Unicorn Sodomizing?


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Hamilton’s been a little busy lately, but he has assured us at VHL.com that there’s nothing to worry about and that his mind will be a beacon of focus for the rest of the regular season and for the playoffs.


“Yes, I want to win a fifth Conference Title. I also want to win another Continental Cup. I’d also like a billion dollars cash in a suitcase and to be sodomized by a unicorn, but there’s no point hoping for these things. You gotta make it happen.”


As pleasant as his imagery was, we definitely did get the gist of what he was saying. He’s been reportedly lazy of the past few weeks, and his agent has giving him the hairdryer treatment.


Of course, in the grand scheme of things, he’s already accumulated more practice hours that most do in their entire careers. He has over 1,000, but it’s because of this that his absence was notably missed. He should be setting examples for the budding VHL talent and helping to lead than through the practices.



Oh well, he said he’s back so that should be the end of it. 

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