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Shankly Gets Lapras


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It’s a new week, and even though Phil Shankly hasn’t logged in his practice hours from last week, he’s already raring to go. He showed up at the rink in Bern at 6:20am, and this was after he walked the 30 minutes to the rink.


“Yea, I’ve recently started playing Pokemon Go. It’s a great way to warm up and cool down before and after practices and games. Way better than hopping on a stationary bike. In fact, on my way to the rink this morning, my 10km egg hatched and I got a Lapras. I couldn’t believe it! What a way to start the day!"


When asked what is his outlook on the remainder of the season, he didn’t exactly answer it how we wanted him to:


“I mean, I’m only level 11 so I have a ways to go before I start conquering gyms, but as long as I keep doing these warm ups, I should be level 30 in no time.”



Well let’s hope he’s just as committed to the Royals. 

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