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Recruitment Crew (2 positions)


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It's time to re-structure the recruitment crew and form what will hopefully be a stable team that is able to consistently come up with and implement new recruiting methods and ways.


For the moment, we're looking for one or two people to be the heads of the recruitment team.The job comes with 2 parts:


1. Actively try to recruit members on a weekly basis (posting on forums, websites, anywhere we can get the word out)

2. Help come up with and implement new recruitment ideas that the whole community can take part in 


Recruiting in any large significance will likely require more cooperation than just these two people, but the goal is to get some people trying to recruit consistently and then build on it from there. 


The pay for these positions will be 7 capped TPE per week, so long as work is being done. You'd be working closely with the Blue Team and BOG in the recruitment forum so we'll be helping out but also keeping a close eye making sure the work being done justifies this high paying job.


I should also note that these members will also be eligible for all of the standard recruitment rewards for any people they bring in, on top of their weekly TPE payment.

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I'd like to apply.


Previously before, I had come forward with numerous sites which had large member amounts on them. I think I'd have a lot of unique, alternative ideas to offer which could potentially bring in some new members. We (myself, Draper and possibly Eagles?) had spoken about this before, however, guarantee pay, position or job responsibility was not put in place. With now more structure, I think it will be successful. 


I'd like to brainstorm and bring my ideas to the table and bring a bigger, brighter future towards the VHL. :cheers: 

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14 minutes ago, Kendrick said:

Nice recruitment bashing without ever doing something, really positive for the cause at hand.


To be fair, both you and Boubabi are responsible for some of the better recruiting runs the VHL has seen until changes were made. I'm sure some of us have been hoping the better pay scale, and now full paid jobs would entice top recruiters such as you two, or those like you to get back/get on board again.

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