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Claimed:Free Agents [Reviewed]

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The Victory Hockey League is currently in its 50th season and will have possibly one of the best Free Agent class in recent history. Now we shall take a look at all the players who are set to hit the market this off-season.


Calgary Wranglers: Marquis Hyvarinen (2.5 million), Benjamin Tumack (2.5 million), Jace Hines (2 million), Dope Fiend (1.5 million), Kol Mikaelson (1 million), Casper Solomon (750 K)


Marquis Hyvarinen would be the biggest loss to the Wranglers because he has the most TPE not named Ariel Weinstein. He has 373 TPE and he leads the team in scoring with 16 goals and 36 assists for 52 points. The next highest cap hit is another defenseman in Benjamin Tumack who has 126 TPE. He has scored 4 goals and assisted on 11 goals this season for 15 points. Not exactly as prolific as Marquis. Jace Hines makes a cool 2 million and he leads the team in goal scoring with 22 goals. He also has 11 assists for a total of 33 points. He has 274 TPE. Rookie Dope Fiend comes in with 85 TPE and on the season he has scored 2 goals and assisted on 1 for 3 points. Not earning that 1.5 million paycheck. Kol Mikaelson has 82 TPE, he has also scored 1 goal and assisted on 4 goals for 5 points. Both Fiend and Kol are having pretty disappointing seasons. Finally, one player that will be moving on is Casper Solomon who has played his 8 season limit in the VHL/M. He has 72 TPE and he has scored 3 goals and assisted on 5 goals for 8 points on the year. Overall, the Wranglers will be gaining 10.75 million in cap space but losing 1,012 TPE. 


New York Americans: None, all traded


Quebec City Meute: Jeff Hamilton (5 million), Greg Clegane (5 million), Aleksi Koponen (5 million)*, Tom Lincoln (3.75 million), Unassisted (3 million), Thomas Duddy (1.225 million)


Quebec stands to be one of the biggest losers of the off-season with 4 big name players set to leave in the off-season. Jeff Hamilton is the biggest name on defense and he has 743 TPE. He has scored 17 goals and assisted on 51 goals for 68 points. Greg Clegane said he will test free agency this year and will not re-sign in Quebec. So far his record of 39-14-4 with a 0.928 save percentage is one of the best in the VHL. He has 808 TPE and will be arguably the biggest loss on the team. Aleksi Koponen has a player option for next year at 4.5 million, it has yet to be seen if he will exercise it though as it seems Hamilton and Clegane will both be leaving. Koponen has the most TPE on the team with 1041 TPE. He has scored 37 goals and assisted on 47 for 84 points. You would expect Tom Lincoln to be re-signed as his player agent is the GM. Unassisted has 673 TPE and he is 2nd in team scoring with 40 goals and 46 assists for 86 points. Finally, we have Thomas Duddy who will retire at the end of the year. On the year he has scored 12 goals and assisted on 21 for 33 points. Overall, the Meute will have possibly 19.225 million in cap space but will be losing 3,562 TPE!


Seattle Bears: Lucas Zhukenov (4 million), Saul Hackett (3 million), Stabby McFullO'Schmidt (2 million)


Seattle only stands to lose 3 players in the off-season. Lucas Zhukenov who has 245 TPE, has scored 21 goals and assisted on 17 goals for 38 points. Saul Hackett is the best defenseman on the roster but only has 173 TPE. He has scored 3 goals and assisted on 31 goals for 34 points. Finally, Stabby will be retiring after 8 season in the VHL/M. He has 102 TPE. He has scored 5 goals and assisted on 9 for 14 points on the year. Overall, the Bears will be getting 9 million in cap space but losing 520 TPE. 


Toronto Legion: Max Molholt (5 million), Hans Wingate (4.5 million), Marcel Faux (4 million), Black Velvet (3 million), LeAndre St.Pierre (3 million), Edwin Reencarncion (2.7 million)


Another team in the North American Conference set to lose quite a bit this off-season is the Toronto Legion. They are currently chasing an unprecedented 3-peat with that being said they traded away most of their future to do so. Max Molholt will most likely be re-signed as his player agent is also the GM. Hans Wingate though, will be the biggest loss on the team as he will be retiring after a most likely Hall of Fame career. Old Man Hans is having a very nice season though with a record of 41-8-3 with a .939 save percentage and 11 shutouts. He has 1,239 TPE. Marcel Faux has also said that this will be his last year, the man with 716 TPE has scored 29 goals and assisted on 25 goals for 55 points. The best defenseman on the roster is also set to become a free agent. Black Velvet has 657 TPE and has scored 15 goals while assisted on 46 for 61 points. LeAndre St.Pierre was a great player last year but has since regressed a bit and hasn't been practicing. He has scored 26 goal and assisted on 29 goals for 55 points. He also has 489 TPE. The final player is Edwin Reencarnacion who has helped kick start a rebuild in New York but he has announced that after this season he will retire. He has a massive 1,029 TPE and on the year he has scored 45 goasl while assisting on 40 goals for 85 points. Overall, the Legion will have 22.2 million in cap space but will be losing 4,130 TPE!


This is just half the fun, next week we will look at the free agents that will com from the European Conference. 

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