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Claimed:Fabio Jokinen Rookie Profile [Reviewed]


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Name: Fabio Jokinen
Height: 190 cm 
Weight: 99 kg
Position: Defense
Handedness: Left
Hometown: Tampere, Finland


Fabio Jokinen was born in Tampere where he has been living for most of his life and in Tampere he learned to play hockey. Fabio´s cousin is quite well known hockey player Jorma Ruutu, so hockey was and still is the number one sport in the family. Fabio joined Tappara Juniors when he was just 7 years old. Slowly, but steadily he managed to improve year after year, finally as a 16 year old, he made his debut with Tappara in Liiga.  Got limited ice time, but still it was clear the kid had some potential. Next year he had bigger role in the team, playing in 50 games with 9+14 and on average 16 minutes each game. VHL has always been the main goal for Fabio, so after the first full year in Tappara, he decided to leave Tappara and join Saskatoon in the VHLM in order to get more familiar with the North-American style of hockey. Interesting to see what kind season Fabio has next year, potential is there to be a first round pick in the S52 draft!





Elite level shot already, especially when it comes down to power. Accuracy could be slightly better, but Fabio´s shot is still his strength clearly. Goalies have trouble catching the puck even when they can see the shot coming, also the release of the shot makes it quite hard for defending players to try and defend with their sticks, it´s so quick that you need to be really close to have a chance to poke the puck away.


For a big guy, Fabio skates really well. Might not look so fast, but don´t let that fool you, he is a excellent skater. When you combine that to his size and reach, you got a player who can make defending look easy.



Strength can mean more than one thing and in Fabio´s case it means the ability to skate really well, but still be able to take hits without falling down all the time. Overall he is a strong player and I think the fact that he already has played one season in Liiga against grown men shows that.





Even though Fabio is a big guy who can skate, he does not hit that often. He is still a young player,so that might have something to do with it. Takes some experience to know when to go for the hit. At the same time, if you can make the defensive play without throwing your body around, you might not even have to hit that often to be successful. 


Puck Handling:

Handling the puck is Fabio´s weakness, at least for now. He can lose the puck in dangerous places when trying to do something too difficult or he might lose it without doing anything. Still has a way to go before he can look up for long period of time and make plays without checking if the puck is with him or not.



Goes hand in hand with the puck handling, he can make the easy passes usually without too much trouble, but since his puck handling is quite weak, he might miss the obvious chances to make great play when he needs to check if the puck is on his tape. Luckily he is still a young player and has plenty of time to improve.  

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