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Claimed:NA Prospects - (For Snatch) [Reviewed]


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:vhlm:Top Prospects:vhlm:

Each year at the podium of the VHL draft, players hear their name called out and off begins their hockey dream. Some of these players have the skills and abilities to jump right into the rough and tumble VHL game and some players need a bit more grooming in the VHLM under the watchful eyes of the team management. Today we’ll look at some of the top players for North American Conference franchises that have yet to pull on their respective clubs jersey and step on a VHL ice surface. 

:cal:G- Joanna Akerfeldt; Calgary Wranglers: :cal:

Akerfeldt looks to be coming into the VHL at the right time with all the aging goalies around the VHL. Akerfeldt is currently tending the pipes for the Ottawa Lynx in the VHLM and looks to be well on her way to her second Benoit Devereux trophy for the league’s top goaltender. The only thing that is holding Akerfeldt back at this point is her inability to stay consistent with practise hours. In a very competitive VHL, missing practice for the past month is tough on any prospect, especially those who are a tad bit behind others from the same draft class. Wrangler’s management are hoping to see Akerfeldt report for practise very soon. 

:sea:D- Guntis Petenis; Seattle Bears: :sea:

Guntis Petenis came into the league advertised as a grinder and he has been everything and more for the Lynx in Season Fifty. Petenis came into the league at the trade deadline last season and make a quick impression around the league with his physical play. After the season Petenis was lucky enough to enter both the VHL and VHLM draft, where he heard his named called quite early in both drafts. Petenis first himself being drafted to the Seattle Bears in the VHL and Ottawa Lynx in the VHLM, but knew early on that he would be playing a season in the minors to help build on his great progress to date. Petenis has been solid for the Lynx this season worth thirty-nine points in sixty-six games, while also pilling up the hits with 380 on the season. While defensive defensemen aren’t always put into the limelight in the VHL, Petenis will be loved by the Seattle faithful for sure. 

:sea:RW- Max Von Hohenzollern; Seattle Bears::sea: 

The scoring winger from Tubingen, Germany seems to have quite a bit of pressure already put squarely on his shoulders. First up for Hohenzollern during this past off-season was the VHLM draft, where the Moscow Red Wolves had the privilege of taking him First Overall, two days later Hohenzollern once again heard his name called from a podium. Hohenzollern was picked Eighth Overall by the Seattle Bears in the Season Fifty VHL Entry Draft, a team that was looking to restock the prospect cabinet during their current re-tooling phase. With the high expectations on his shoulder this season, all Hohenzollern has done this season in Moscow has delivered. Hohenzollern has put up fifty-five points in sixty-six games this season, which sits him second on the Red Wolves roster. With the Red Wolves ready to head to the playoffs very soon, the league will be looking to see if the youngster can kick it into another gear come win or go home time.

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Very nice job. I like reading about the VHLM players who usually get neglected. It's even more surprising to see the article come from someone who did not create the player in the article.


Everything checks out, keep up the good work, man. I should be seeing twice the media from you with your second player.

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