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Claimed:Ottawa Capitalizing on VHLM Opportunity [Reviewed]


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Ottawa Capitalizing on VHLM Opportunity


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OTTAWA, ON — When Ilya Kopralkov arrived for his first Ottawa Lynx game most fans knew they were not getting a points producer, but so far Kopralkov has been showing hints at a great two-way game.

The Russian native has played 14 games so far for the VHLM club and looks to be a natural fit alongside fellow rookie Aeschylus Jigglejawns CXX. While Jigglejawns CXX has seen a great start for his offense from the blue line, Kopralkov has given the Lynx a boost defensively that is unmatched around the league. 

So far for the Lynx, Kopralkov has found a way to block 28 shots for an average of twos shots blocked per game. If Kopralkov were to play 70 games at this pace, he would be sitting in the second ranking for shots blocked, only behind Yukon’s S49 center Josiah Kleveland. The 140 shots blocked would be enough to easily lead the defensemen throughout the league.

Otherwise, Kopralkov has been hard at work to improve all aspects of his game. With only 23 hits and a +4, it’s clear that Kopralkov’s defense game isn’t as good as he would like to start, but it is well on its way.

“He’s showing a lot of heart on the ice,” said Steve Smeall, Kopralkov’s player agent. “He’s a new face on the team, but he is out there giving all he has. He looks braver than each guy on the ice for the Lynx.”

Just a few weeks before the wave of second players hit the VHLM, there were rumours swirling that the team was going to embrace a rebuild plan and sell off their players. GM Sandor Clegane had hope that he could draw in some free agents however, and with some key waiver pick-ups as well, the Lynx are a whole new team.

In their most recent game, the Lynx shut-out league favourites Bern. This comes from a combination of the sparked offense and the new defensive game that the team has adopted. Ottawa was also able to pick up a close win against the Brampton Blades, who Ottawa just may face in the first round of the VHLM playoffs if Brampton continues to slip.

While things have been off to a great start for Kopralkov and his stay in Ottawa, the player knows that his time with the team is limited. After the playoffs, Kopralkov will be part of the Dispersal draft, where he is expected to be one of the top picks available.

“I like Ottawa,” said Kopralkov. “Team and coaches very nice. I would like to stay Lynx but can’t. I will do best to help Lynx win Founder’s Cup.”

The Ottawa Lynx appear to be on cloud nine since their recent acquisitions, and reasonably so. Kopralkov is just one example of a new player’s game going right off the bat. His partner on the ice is putting up the points Ottawa needs and Super Cock is providing some much needed stress relief. The pieces are falling in the right place for Ottawa, now they just need to capitalize and the opportunity. 

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Other than calling yourself the wrong name, good work lol. Ottawa made a lot of good moves with the new players, much to my dismay because I need you guys to lose since I have your second round pick! I guess Super Cock is the key to success, then!


516 words :D 

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