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Pajodcast Questions


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What is the best and worst part about being in the BOG? (I don´t know what BOG means)


How long have you guys known each other? Do you spend time together doing other stuff as well? Playing games, going out for a coffee, taking long walks at the beach etc


If you could remove one team from VHL, what would that team be? And what city would the new team that takes the old teams place call home?


What kind of music you guys like?


As a gm, could the players name ever have a effect on your decision on if you draft the player or not? 












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Padjodcast meets The Phil/Knight Show. Try to explain to your audience how unbelievably epic that would be.


Better yet. All of us get together and play VHL drinking games and record it. 


(yea... that should be enough material for you guys to work with)

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Have you missed podcasting?

On a 1-10 scale, what's your current VHL enjoyment level? What would improve it?

Any surprises as far as player performances this season?

I've always intended to build Odinsson into a better player than Tordahl (both wingers)...think I can?

I'll end with some cards against humanity nostalgia... Demi Moore's Bush. Good night gentlemen.

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1.) Any chance of a guest appearance by @Jericho?

2.) Is there a recent change in the VHL that you don't agree with?

3.) Would you ever agree to increase the maximum season length beyond 8 seasons?

4.) Why do you hate soccer so much @Mr. Power.

5.) Why have you not changed your name back to Devise @Mr. Power

6.) Would you have wanted to get back into the GM game for any team other than Stockholm @Advantage

7.) How will the 2 player system change roster construction in the VHL?

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Discuss which Overwatch Ultimate ability would be the most useful in a hockey game


Discuss where in the world it is High Noon at the time of the podcast recording as I have heard that "It's High Noon somewhere in the world"


So, what was Kesler's password back when you "hacked" it?


Is there any one person who is no longer in the VHL that you're glad is no longer in the league?


If I were to go to Canada, what would be the one place you'd recommend I go?



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  • 2 weeks later...

Fast forward 4 years. Where do you see yourselves(either geographically/professionally/personally) in 2020?


Is the draft even worth being held? Let's just assign them to rosters and move on from this horror show.


Do either of you already have a back story for player #2(if applicable)?


What 3 things could you not live without?

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Predict the likely destinations for each big Free Agent (let's say 400 TPE plus) with the rule that you can't pick your own team.


Which VHL team with competing aspirations is in most need of a good free agency?


As you two are recently appointed GM's (Chris only starting in the job this season, Ryan just taking over NYA), how do you feel about the assets your respective team's previous GMs left for you and, if there is anything that you would have done differently, what would that have been?


Ryan, yell at Chris for 30 seconds straight to get on Overwatch more.


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6 minutes ago, boom said:

Ryan, what kind of dog is Pepper, and if you could rename it, what would you choose?


Chris, have you finished at college yet? What are you doing now?


Just missed this, but we'll get it in next time. 

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