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Regular season in the VHLM is now over. In total 4 teams reached the magical 100 point mark this year, so I think it´s pretty safe to say that the cup winner is one the teams who managed to collect 100 or more points. Bern Royals is the favorite to win it all, 120 points and 58 wins in  70 games. Only great teams can play well from start to finish and even though the difference between the top teams and smaller teams is massive, making the points collected and wins statistic not so ´accurate´ when it comes down to judging teams and their quality, it´s still hard to pick any other team to win it all after a season like that. 


Brampton Blades had 103, Moscow Red Wolves 100 and Yukon Rush had 100 points. These three are the teams that are the ones who can challenge Bern. If I´m totally honest, all of the four teams mentioned have a  chance in winning. Playoff hockey is totally different than the regular season. Teams who have wider material are more than likely going to be successful. When the top guys cant score, then the players from bottom lines have to step up and get the job done. Some teams might not have that luxury and end up losing because of that.


Soon the puck drops and we shall see which teams are ready and are the top point earners in regular season the ones who set the tempo right from the start!

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