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SWC3 Talks Team USA


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Earlier this week SWC3 made some remarks about team USA for the upcoming world cup. As you can take a wild guess it did not sit well with a few people because he arguably is the best player available to the team but now he is thinking about not playing for USA because they will suck yet again. But today SWC broke his silence about his earlier remarks and gave us a bit more of a view into his mind.


"People can talk shit about me all they want but they would do the same thing. USA will blow yet again and not even I can make them look good. We won't win a game and I will barely get any points. So why in the hell am I getting so much backlash about not playing for USA? I mean who really gives a fuck? My spot goes to some young guy who is happy to play. If i ended up playing for the team I would not be happy and I would be taking that poor suckers spot on the team? "


He went onto say "When you play for your country people expect you to be proud, they expect to say "GO USA" and shit like that. But how can I be proud with the poor bunch of losers the team will assemble? How can be saying go USA when I am thinking we fucking suck. If this country and these fans want me to play for them they will need to petition and the team organizer will have to woo me to play for them. At this point will be Madrid partying it up while team USA chokes on a big fat dick... Oh and no it won't bother me. So if you want to change my mind start begging now"

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