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Love the white text but the dark green text over dark grey is very hard to read. Maybe give a little bit of white around it or something to make it pop off a bit so it could be legible. Dupped render is interesting although I would like to see one as more of a focal point, either by messing with the sizes or blurring one or something. Right now it looks like the render has a conjoined twin which is a little off-putting. Some lighting could also help make the render stand out a tad over the text.

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  • Beketov changed the title to Claimed:Sig 1 [1/2]
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I like the matte feel to this, how everything feels flat, so it all feels blended more than it would if it had emboss/drop shadow/etc. effects on it. I like the text, although Jarvi is a bit harder to read. The texture around the text and BG is nice. Would've been cool to find a render in a white jersey to go with the green jersey, to emulate the type.

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